It's Important To Keep Your Website Up To Date


Have you updated your website recently? If your answer is no then the good news is you are with the larger majority of organisations. However, the bad news is, that’s not a good thing!

Perhaps one of the most over-looked elements in most businesses is the fact that once you have your new, shiny website up and running, you then have to update and maintain it over time to get the best results.

The fact of the matter is, if you don’t update your website to keep up with the changing Google best practices, optimising towards its algorithms, improving tech or content on-site then you are potentially putting a barrier between you and your potential business revenue. To rectify this is simple – show your website some love, and you’ll start to improve your return on investment. Essentially, it will love you back!

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You should always keep security and bug fixes up to date

This may not be one you consider at first, but it is perhaps one of the most important elements! If you avoid updating your website you could be running the risk of getting hacked. These hackers will attempt to upload bugs and computer viruses to your website which will mean that potentially if a customer visits your site, this will be passed onto their computer also. By simply keeping content management systems updated, it will ensure you’re protected against any security or bug issues.

What's the cost?

My maintenance packages are cost dependant on the client and your website. Small sites take minimal maintenance time whereas corporate web builds, understandably, take considerably longer. You can contact me to discuss your needs and I’ll then be able to provide a quote.

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30 Days online guarantee

I promise you will be online within 30 days (as long as all content is provided).

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Build and protect your brand

I take backups of my builds weekly to ensure your brand is safe.