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Whether you’re a start­up, small or large business, social media can be of great benefit to the majority of businesses if you use it correctly. Where so many businesses fail is through using social media as another one­way communicator to their audience, which in fact it isn’t at all how it should be used. Social media is all about the two­way interaction between a brand and its target audience ­ so the key is to understand if your audience are on social media at all and if so, which platform they are on as there’s no point you being on the wrong one or wasting your budget being active on them all.

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Points to consider

In-­depth audience insight allowing for a targeted approach

Through a whole host of tools and platforms, you can get to know your audience inside out. From their age, gender, engagement levels, location to interests. This means you can begin to segment your audience and target tailored content to each demographic for better results.

Reach a wider audience to increase traffic

When your content resonates with your audience, you’ll find that they will in turn share it with their friends, family or colleagues. In doing so, you will extend the amount of people you reach, meaning increased brand awareness, social media followers and in turn traffic to site.

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