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The Benefits of Using Good Website Copy

There is just one rule when it comes to website copy. You must create good website copy in order to promote your services online and enhance your customers experience.

Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you need good copy:

  1. It boosts your SEO ranking

In order to sell, you need customers. With 38% of UK consumers buy online at least once a week, it’s a must that customers need to be able to find your website online. This comes down to SEO optimisation.

SEO – also known as that myth that determines whether you make it onto the first page of Google, or you’re hidden on page 15! There’s various opinions on SEO, however all agree that good website copy will help you to rank higher on major search engines.

  • Using the right words in the right places can help your website rank for the relevant keywords. It’s important to pay close attention to main headings, sub-headings, keyword placements and the length of copy.
  • Google, like any other search engine, loves original copy.


If you love reading a website, or a blog post, you are much more likely to share it online.

The more people that share it, the more backlinks your website will get – which massively boosts your SEO ranking.

If you have great website copy, your content will be shared numerous times, each time giving your brand exposure and growing your customer base – without any additional work for you!

Put simply, if you haven’t put effort into writing your content, your reader won’t put effort into reading it either. 


An un-navigable website is enough to scare any customer away from your website.Websites are a place for brands to showcase what they do, what it sells, and their backstory – but a customer won’t go out of their way to look for this information.

Hand-in-hand with a good website design, website copy is a very effective way to enhance your users experience. The most effective website copy is short and simple, and separated appropriately with key headings and bullet points in order to make it much more readable for the user.


Website copy will definitely help you sell. You need to persuade your visitors to buy your products or make sure that they choose you over your competitors – and web copy is a great way to do so.

The copywriting needs to really portray your brand image and showcase your brands voice and personality. Most businesses choose to talk about their background and how to came to be. It’s about connecting with your customers and building a trust with them – hopefully leading to a sale! Good copy improves your relationship with your website visitors, by answering to their questions, assisting their needs and acting on their feedback.


You’re about to launch your new product onto the marketplace, but you need to create a hype around it before you expect the sales to roll in. This is where effective copywriting comes into play, meaning that you turn your product into the new big thing – and essentially a ‘must-have’. You can do so by highlighting the products unique features and benefits and explain how it will make the customers life better. The idea is to detail these advantages on your website and do so in a way that immerses the customers imagination and ultimately makes them crave your product or service.

If you’re struggling with your website copy, please contact me for help and advise.

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