So You Need A Website?


Whether you’re a start up company looking to gain an online presence or if you’re looking for a redesign, I can help. I build every project using responsive web design to provide the optimal viewing and interaction experience for everyone – no matter whether they are viewing from desktop, tablet or mobile. The screen adapts to any device.

It may be surprising to hear that the majority of businesses are not yet using responsive web design (although they should be!) This means that not only will Google start to rank those that are responsive more highly in the search engine, but you could also start to be penalised from Google for not having a responsive website, along with the customer journey not being as great as your competitors. So, in turn you could actually start to lose customers and go off that all important page 1 on Google search as a result!

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Why does your business need a website?

Is your business is running well without a website? Just imagine how much better it would be if you increased your digital presence. Having a website in today’s era is one of the most important things a business can do to inform, engage and convert your audience, whether you are selling a product or service. Afterall, when customers are searching for information, comparing and looking for reviews, this is all done online nowadays. Below are my top 3 advantages a website can bring to you business.

  • Widen your customer base
  • Your business becomes searchable
  • Another sales tool

What's The Cost?


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Visits per month
Number of pages
Hosting type
Disk Space
Logo Design
Advanced Features / Animations
Search Engine Optimisation
SSL certificates
Consultative onboarding
Multisite ready
3 Second Load Time

I Offer


Web Design

Targeted Design

I design all of my bespoke web builds with the clients target audience in mind.

Web Design

Lightning Fast

I make sure that all of my more advanced builds have a 3 second load time, or better.

Web Design

Easy Maintenance

My web builds are extremely easy to maintain, you'll be able to change or add new content without needing any coding experience.


Social Linking

If you require a blog on your website, you'll be able to "share" your new posts on to your social feeds.


Mobile Ready

All of my websites are built to be fully responsive to ensure the best user experience across all devices.


Live Chat

Users can send you a message directly to your phone via your website, so you'll be able to answer any questions in real time. Just ask me about my "Live Chat" feature.

Web Design

30 Days online guarantee

I promise you will be online within 30 days (as long as all content is provided).

Web Design

Build and protect your brand

I take backups of my builds weekly to ensure your brand is safe.